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Do you service my area?

We provide commercial kitchen filter cleaning and canopy cleaning to a wide range of areas in Queensland. We have a large client base in South East Queensland but encourage you to contact us wherever you are to discuss your exhaust system needs.

What is a kitchen exhaust system?

In a simplified explanation, a kitchen exhaust system is made up of kitchen grease filters in a canopy that lead up a duct with a fan to extract the vapours out of your kitchen.  

A canopy is the metal hood that your filters are housed in.

A kitchen filter is the filter that goes into the canopy to capture the grease at the first point.

A duct is the piping that leads the vapours away from your kitchen.  Inside the duct is a fan.  The fan is the mechanical component that draws the vapours up the exhaust system leaving your kitchen well ventilated and clean.

All components require regular servicing.

Why should I have regularly have my kitchen filters cleaned?

Some kitchen filters can appear clean when done in house but are often clogged with grease you can't see on the inside. This makes the filters less effective, puts more stress on the fan and increases the risk of a fire in your workplace. Neither of these outcomes are ideal for any business.

Over the years we have had many customers return to our service after attempting to clean kitchen filters themselves. They report the job isn't done as well, does not follow regulations and also feel the job falls by the wayside with all the other to do lists in their busy kitchens.

Why should I get a canopy clean?

Canopy cleans add another benefit to your kitchen exhaust system by removing excess grease and in turn improving efficiency and risk management of fire hazards. It has the added benefit of keeping your kitchen hood clean - both in looks and function.

Canopy cleans are not always done as regularly as kitchen filter cleaning, we can discuss your specific kitchen needs.

Why should I get All Suburbs Filter Service?

We have worked in the commerical kitchen filter cleaning and canopy canopy cleaning service for 30 years. We have a wealth of experience in professional cleaning and a no nonsense approach to getting the job done. With a large client base and experience in the industry we have the means to service your kitchen regularly with the assurance that our work practices are legitimate and professional. 

We will be around for the long run, servicing Queensland businesses as we have done for many years.

How does All Suburbs Filter Service exchange service work?

We exchange clean kitchen filters for dirty. No cleaning is done onsite. Your kitchen can keep doing what it does best while we exchange your dirty filters for clean. All cleaning is done at our trade waste approved site.

We will place you a regular service cycle that suits your needs, be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly or whatever you require.

How often should I get my kitchen filters cleaned?

We are happy to discuss what suits your needs best. If your kitchen filters have heavy daily use then a weekly service may be best. Moderate or light use will suggest a less frequent cycle. We respect your opinion and are equally happy to provide guidance if requested.

Do I get my kitchen filters back?

We provide an kitchen filter exchange service – clean for dirty. All our stock filters are kept to a good standard to do the job required.

Some filters are custom sizes.  Custom kitchen filters require an alternate set so that we can always look after your needs from service to service. You may need to purchase an alternate set if you do not have them.

If you have standard filters but want to keep your filters in-store, you are welcome to purchase an alternate set that we can store for you between services.  This ensures that your kitchen filters remain yours.

We sell kitchen filters. Visit our the Filter Sales page for more info.

What do I need to tell you when I call?

• Your business name, address and contact details

How often you use your kitchen exhaust system and what for will determine how regularly they require servicing.  If you know the number of filters, the size and type of your kitchen filters that is great.  If not, we can soon work it out.

If you are not sure of any of these answers we can talk you through it and will often arrange a visit to determine your service needs.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash and cheques.

Regular customers can complete a credit application requesting an account. All credit customers are issued with a delivery docket at the time of service and a tax invoice is then emailed for payment.

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