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As the first point of contact in your kitchen exhaust system, your kitchen filters capture vapours and grease. Regular upkeep to kitchen filters is essential for any kitchen regardless of what cooking it performs as it ensures clear ventilation through the kitchen exhaust system. If the path through your kitchen filters is not clear the exhaust system struggles to work as the filters block the extraction of grease and vapours.  This blockage puts extra strain on your fan and can result in smoke and vapours in your kitchen.  Engaging us to exchange your kitchen filters in a timely manner means peace of mind knowing the job is done and your kitchen exhaust system is performing at its most optimal.  Regular kitchen filter cleaning aids you to manage fire hazard risks, maintain a clean professional kitchen and meet your obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

We provide an exchange service.

We provide our exchange service on a regular cycle to ensure that you receive a timely and consistent service that meets your needs.  If you are unsure how often the service should take place, we can help you determine this.  How often you cook and what you cook helps us work out the best cycle for your kitchen filter exchange.  

Commercial kitchens that are used daily and cook with oil often choose weekly or fortnightly kitchen filter exchange cycles.  A kitchen that is used less often may choose a 4 weekly or 6 weekly cycle.  

If your needs change, we can change the frequency of your service at any time.  

We exchange clean stock filters for your dirty filters.  No cleaning is done onsite. As no cleaning is done onsite we can be in and out of your kitchen in a fast time frame.

Filter cleaning is carried out in our industrial premises. Our business complies with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (2011), the Work Health and Safety Regulation, 2011 and Australian Standards 1851.6 - 2012.

If you would like to retain your own filters rather than joining our pool of stock filters, you are welcome to purchase an alternate set that are stored at our premises between each service.  

Kitchen filters come in a range of sizes and styles – many are standard sizes.  If your filters are a custom size, you may be required to purchase an alternate set.  
These are also stored at our premises between each service.

We are able to arrange the purchase of filters for you through our kitchen filter sales.

We are happy to provide statements of service to meet your landlord or council requirements.

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